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Knokke-heist Tourist Information

Nestled on the North Eastern coastline; Knokke-Heist in Belgium draw thousands of tourists every year. Knokke-Heist is revered for its splendid beaches, its historic landmarks, its stunning countryside scenes, its panoramic views, and is a city that lies very near the Dutch border. In fact, it is not uncommon for those visiting Knokke-Heist to cross over into the Dutch territory during their travels. First established by Irish pilgrims between the sixth and ninth centuries, Knokke-Heist was once........ Read More

Brussels Tourist Information

General summary of city: The city of Brussels is the capital city of Belgium and is a modern city that is rich in medieval and art-nouveau buildings. Brussels is steeped in rich history with plenty of museums and galleries and a pulsating cultural life. Brussels is also the administrative center of the European Union, which has earned the city the title ‘the capital of Europe’. The business sector in Brussels is booming with international agencies taking root in the city, however not at th........ Read More

Genk Tourist Information

General summary of city: Genk, a city in Belgium, is part of the Limburg province. Other cities contained within the province of Limburg include Hasselt: As, Beringen, Diepenbeek, Gingelom, Halen, Ham, Hasselt, Herk-de-Stad, Heusden-Zolder, Leopoldsburg, Lummen, Nieuwerkerken, Opglabbeek, Sint-Truiden, Tessenderlo, Zonhoven, and Zutendaal. In terms of locality, Genk is situated nearest to Hasselt in the province of Limburg. The city of Genk has a population of over 63,000 people. The city of G........ Read More

Antwerp Tourist Information

Antwerp is the second largest city of Belgium. The capital city of the province of Antwerp, it is also the second largest harbor in Europe after Rotterdam. It is a leading commercial center famous for cutting, trading and polishing of diamonds. Since the last 15 years, Antwerp has been elevated to the status of being one of the leading cities for fashion design in Europe. The name 'Antwerp' has been linked to the word “aanwerp” (alluvial mound), which was the geographical feature in the ear........ Read More

Gent Tourist Information

Gent, also known as Ghent, is an incredibly popular destination in Belgium. The word “Gent” is actually the Dutch spelling for the city of “Ghent” and the two terms are often used interchangeably. Gent is filled with exciting things to see and do and travellers will not be disappointed by the recreational offerings in Gent. Travellers can immerse themselves in the culture and history of Belgium by seeing the myriad abbeys, beguinages, churches, castles, historic landmarks, and museums st........ Read More

Kortrijk Tourist Information

Kortrijk, also referred to as Courtrai, is a historical city situated in West Flanders in Belgium. Positioned on the Lys River, Kortrijk was first established by the Romans under the name of Cortoriacum. Possessing a population of over 70, 000 individuals, Kortrijk remains a thriving city: one that is surrounded by many other famous locations, tourist attractions, and popular cities in Belgium. The cities nearest to Kortrijk include Halluin, Menen, Neuville-en-Ferrain, Roncq and Wevelgem, and tr........ Read More

Barvaux-sur-ourthe Tourist Information

General summary of city: Barvaux-sur-Ourthe, also known as Barvaux, is a city that is part of the province of Luxembourg. The province of Luxembourg consists of five different districts: the Arlon District, Bastogne District, the Marche-en-Famenne District, the Neufchâteau District and the Virton District. The primary languages spoken within the city of Barvaux-sur-Ourthe and other cities within the province of Luxembourg include French, Dutch and German. The city of Barvaux-sur-Ourthe holds a........ Read More

Bouillon Tourist Information

Bouillon is a city that is situated in the province of Luxembourg, in the western section of Belgium. A small city and part of the Neufchateau district, Bouillon has a relatively small population numbering just over 5,000 individuals. Yet, the small population of the city can be somewhat deceiving, Bouillon is a city that offers plenty of things to do see and enjoy. Bouillon is located very near the French border and is surrounded by Ardennes. Filled with incredible castle structures, and many ........ Read More

Bruges Tourist Information

General summary of city: Bruges, Belgium, from the Norse word 'Bryggja' meaning “mooring place,” is one of the three regions and the capital of Flanders. Bruges has a population of over 100,000 and covers an area of approximately 138 km. This historic city, with its natural link to the sea, became a commercial center for European trade in early medieval times, as the harbor filled with ships carrying wool, grain, and wine. In a short while, the door opened for trade with countries on the Me........ Read More

Hasselt Tourist Information

Hasselt is the capital city of the province of Limburg. Though it may not have the charm of other cities in Belgium, it has a hospitable aura to it. The affable town with a population of about 77,000 people is reputed for its nightlife, shops and its pedestrian center. So famous is the friendly nature of its citizens, then quite aptly two years ago, Hasselt acquired the status as 'most sociable city of Flanders.' Hasselt came into existence in the 7th century on the Heelbeek, a tributary of the........ Read More


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