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Your Own Personal New Orleans Tour (travel Guide)

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Bestseller on Amazon!"Now I want to visit New Orleans more than ever! The author has a way to make the streets and flavors come alive in his writing. The content is relevant and to the point. I could have highlighted the entire book."- DeeCee3 (Amazon customer)

"Very helpful, anxious to go there now! It's simple and to the point not long and drawn out. I'm headed to NOLA with my bestie for mother's day and after reading this book, we can't wait!"- Kindle customer

"Great. He explains locations and establishments that appeal to anyone lucky enough to visit this fabulous city. Whether you are a return visitor or about to experience NOLA for the first time this book has top rate information."- Honey (Kindle Customer)

"jazzes you up in all departments. This is a great little read that does a nice job of condensing the must eats, dos, and music scenes of NOLA. Technically more than seven items, you are left wanting to visit them all. I really enjoyed the personal voice of a native." - Lady Literature (Amazon customer)

INTENDED FOR VISITORS AND LOCALS ALIKE this New Orleans travel guide is short and concise written by a native of the city who knows where to go and what to do in planning for a perfect visit to this historic, fun-loving, northern Caribbean city.

NO WADING THROUGH LIST AFTER LIST of suggestions like your typical Fodor's or Lonely Planet, this travel book was put together by a full-fledged local who knows the best places to go to have an authentic New Orleans experience.

* the best restaurants with the most delicious food authentic New Orleans food,
?* elegant hotels in all price ranges,?
* great bars for fantastic libations,
?* insider sightseeing tips,
?* popular music venues ?
* and other fine suggestions on how to have an all around memorable time in the Crescent City.

NEW ORLEANS is a city like no other. Over the centuries it's been sung about and written about as this mysterious, dream-like place almost magical in its effect on people.

IT'S SAID THAT VISITING NEW ORLEANS is like traveling to Europe in a language you'll understand without all the hassle and expense. The Crescent City speaks the language of hospitality second-to-none with a world-wide reputation for fabulous food, world-class music and never-ending good times.

WITH THIS TRAVEL GUIDE IN HAND you'll easily be able to create your own personal New Orleans tour with insider tips that only a local would know. It's the hope of the author that you'll get a taste of some of the magic that makes the Crescent City truly unique.

So scroll up the page and click on the orange button to the right and order your own copy of this winning New Orleans travel guide and you can be on your way to having a fabulous time in the Crescent City!

Tourism And Modernity

RRP $454.99

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In western society it is taken for granted that tourism is a necessary element of contemporary lifestyle, but while many people recognize its importance, they are usually more concerned with its contribution to the economy than with its social, cultural, and political significance. As a social action, tourism is at least partly based on the appeal of distance in time, space, and culture, which offers people the opportunity to question conditions they take for granted, and, by distancing themselves from everyday life, to re-examine the meaning of their lives.
Within a traditional society, however, the action of distancing from normality is usually negatively sanctioned. By contrast, under modernity people mostly have the necessary resources to transcend the everyday world through experiences which are at a distance from their daily lives. Tourism thus has much to do with the conditions and consequences of modernity and is, in short, an indicator of the ambivalence of modernity. It is from this perspective that this book attempts to broaden the established line of enquiry into the relationship between tourism and modernity.
The book is divided into three parts. Part 1 contextualizes tourism in terms of the relationship between Logos-modernity and Eros-modernity. Part 2 then deals with the relationship between modernity and the motivations and experiences of tourists. Finally, Part 3 focuses on the conditions of modernity that lure tourists towards leisure and pleasure travel.

Touring 1938 Europe Unawares

RRP $15.99

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156 pages. OVER TWO DOZEN PHOTOS from Helen's scrapbook! The narrative is taken from her two trip diaries. Readers tell me that they felt like they were right there with her! This wonderful story/memoir READS like a NOVEL, with the romance, and the challenges, and the fun, but it all really happened and this is what makes it so fascinating and historical! The book is written in diary format. The entries for September include a historical timeline to help the reader understand what was going on in Europe, leading up to the Munich Conference which took place the day she was to leave. Helen's two month dream vacation (by rail through nine countries) is peppered with many unexpected events. Attending a Hitler Rally is NOT on her itinerary, but when a handsome Austrian soldier presents her with a ticket and he guides her to a waiting taxi ...... what's a girl to do This is a true story captured from the pages of Helen's two trip diaries! The setting is 1938 Europe during the unstable prelude to WWII. Adolph Hitler has annexed Austria and is demanding a portion of Czechoslovakia or he will start a war. She experiences a blackout night in Austria and finds herself in the midst of absolute chaos in Paris because the Munich Conference is in progress. She is by far not the only one who is crowded on a tender, trying to get to the RMS Queen Mary that is sailing to New York, but the ocean liner is standing off shore, far from the dock!! I have not found an eye-witness account of this day in Paris, anywhere else! Readers of this book say that they felt like they were right there with Helen, during the fun, AND the challenges!On 8/3/38, Helen embarks on her eight week trip, which includes England, Scotland, Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Hungary, Austria, and Switzerland. She sails over on the SS Normandie. When she arrives alone at the train station in Nuremberg, on the eve of the annual Nazi Party Rally, the surprises begin. Tales of blackout nights, cancelled hotel reservations, Parisian taxis commandeered for war, the drivers called suddenly for military service You will appreciate her sense of humor, outgoing personality, and ability to see the good aspects in each challenge. She found that the men were handsome and that language barriers were meant to be broken. The Epilogue contains letters from two soldiers that she met. One soldier was in the first groups to march into Czechoslovakia, and described the reception! The other, an Austrian, wrote after the war ended and described the sad conditions there. Board the SS Normandie with Helen and experience this moment in time. BON VOYAGE! EXCERPT from the book: CHAPTER EIGHT - AUSTRIA: As we approached Salzburg, the countryside was studded with sparkling blue lakes against a background of heavenly snow-capped mountains. I was still entranced upon my arrival at Salzburg, and thus unprepared for the shock that lay ahead. After departing the train, I looked for my baggage, but it was nowhere in sight! I tried desperately to find my way to the street. Usually when I got off a train, I just followed the crowd. This time there were very few people, and they had scattered in all directions. After many false turns, I emerged at the street, and found my baggage sitting there, with no one around. When I asked a taxi driver to go to the Salzberger Hof Hotel, he said that it had not been a hotel since the German occupation of Austria, the preceding March. It was now a German military headquarters............when I sought help for my dilemma, a woman took me to Nazi headquarters!

Health Insurance Today - Text And Workbook Package 5e

RRP $225.00

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This money-saving package includes the 4th edition of Health Insurance Today?Textbook and Workbook.

A-z London Tourists Map And Guide

RRP $8.99


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