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100 Greatest Cycling Climbs Of The Tour De France

RRP $18.99

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Following the successful format of the 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs series, Simon Warren rides, photographs, describes, maps and profiles the 100 greatest climbs of the Tour de France. Published in the same unique ‘cycling jersey pocket sized’ format as Simon’s earlier books, this will be his biggest book to date, with each climb given a spread. There have been large format illustrated books on the hills of the tour published in the past, but none in such a portable format, and none which so vividly describe the experience of cycling these hills from the point of view of an amateur cyclist.

About the Author

Simon Warren has been obsessed with cycling since the summer of 1989 after watching Greg Lemond battle Laurent Fignon in the Tour de France. A few weeks later he rode his first race, a 10 mile time trial on the A1 from Newark to Grantham and back. Although not having what it took to beat the best he found his forte was racing up hills and so began his fascination with steep roads. His quest to discover Britain's greatest climbs resulted in the bestselling 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs, followed by Another 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs and Hellingen: A Road Cyclist's Guide to Belgium's Greatest Cycling Climbs. Simon works during the day as a magazine art editor and lives in Walthamstow, east London with his wife and two children.

The Busy Author's Virtual Book Tour Journal

RRP $34.99

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The Busy Author's Virtual Book Tour Journal is 30-day journal, designed to help you monitor and track your daily virtual book tour activities.

The primary activities involved in a virtual book tour include; blogging, online speaking, and developing relationships with thought leaders and readers in your niche.

Having a journal, designed to support you as you prepare, deliver, and market your virtual book tour, will help you to maximize your results.

A virtual book tour provides an effective way to deliver content that readers can access in real time and into the future.

The Busy Author's Virtual Book Tour Journal will help you:

  • Keep a record of blogging and speaking engagements!
  • Take daily action towards developing your virtual tour!
  • Easily record your activities and results!

About the Author: D'vorah Lansky, M.Ed., is the bestselling author of several books including Book Marketing Made Easy: Simple Strategies for Selling Your Nonfiction Book Online.

She is the founder of the Annual Book Marketing Conference Online and the creator of over 25 successful, online programs.

Since 2007 D'vorah has taught online book marketing to thousands of authors across the globe. She specializes in helping authors to reach more readers and sell more books. D'vorah loves working with authors as they grow their reach and share their message with the world.

Tourism As A Challenge

RRP $382.99

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The first tourist destinations were primarily consolidated in the early twentieth century. Since then, tourism has undergone significant changes in its economic and social components. Over time, many of these destinations have now come to represent 'mass tourism' and are the subject of many studies on the impacts of tourism and competitiveness policies. The conclusions of these studies point to the need for new perspectives and strategies ranging from adaptation to new contexts to a radical change in targets. Concepts such as 'sustainability', 'nature', 'biodiversity' or 'climate change' have now been added to the tourism industry with varying degrees of knowledge and skill. These offer a great opportunity to improve a model of tourism previously oriented towards business and the institutional rhetoric of "sustainability" - a fact now recognised by tourists as representing the negative effects of conventional tourism. Management of these innovations should include among its aims environmental education and orient visitors towards awareness and respect for sustainability even outside their leisure time. To this end, the tourist needs to be made aware of all those involved and their commitment to managing the destination, as enjoying the territory should be based upon minimising the socio-ecological impacts of tourism, and on motivating nature conservation and participation of local populations in both these goals, as well as in the economic benefits obtained. The challenge entails the destination finding a good balance between economic and cultural benefits, landscape conservation and tourist satisfaction. This fifth volume of the Tourism Today Series presents a collection of papers addressing the how to manage these types of uses at a variety of destinations and in multiple contextual realities. These edited papers were selected from those presented at different international conferences organised by the Wessex Institute of Technology. They address important issues related to tourism as a tool for development which will give a better understanding of some of the current challenges.

Oxford Literacy Guided Reading A Day To Remember

RRP $12.99

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Oxford Literacy has been designed specifically to support guided reading in the first three years of school. The Oxford Literacy fiction and non-fiction guided reading texts recognise that a guided reading group in a ??real?? classroom never has every student on the same level; therefore, the texts and supporting teaching versions allow educators to work with small groups of students across a range of levels within their stage of reading. The teaching version for each text scaffolds the educator through the guided reading session. The focus is on developing students?? ability to use meaning, structure and visual information, to read the supporting visual literacy, and it also includes links to the Oxford Wordlist. For more information about the Oxford Wordlist, go to www.oup.com.au/thesuccessfulteacher or www.oxfordwordlist.com.


NOTE: This Oxford Literacy title can also be purchased as a single copy for $8.20 ISBN 9780195567533.

A Guided Tour Of

RRP $457.99

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INDEPENDENT, RIGOROUS, & OBJECTIVE: The Guided Tour is a self-contained resource with essential information an organization needs to conduct a due diligence evaluation of electronic health records software. This Guided Tour is focused on WorldVistA CPRS (Computerized Patient Record System) software, available for free as a download from the WorldVistA website. The Guided Tour covers how to install, learn, and use WorldVistA CPRS. It provides practical insights on how it is used in different settings. It examines its strengths and limitations, and provides a roadmap of what you need to consider if you are interested in learning or adopting it. This report presents key decisions and important considerations that should be weighed before spending valuable time and thousands of dollars implementing an EHR solution, and WorldVistA CPRS in particular. Especially for smaller medical practices and hospitals, it is cost prohibitive to hire outside IT professionals to conduct a thorough system evaluation of EHR software before it is selected. The Guided Tour is a cost-effective way for healthcare providers to do their due diligence quickly before making a sizable investment in healthcare information technology. The launch of TCR's new Guided Tour series coincides with the opening of the reimbursement period for the U.S. government's $27 billion ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) incentive program to drive the adoption of electronic health records. To qualify for reimbursements, healthcare providers must demonstrate "meaningful use" of an electronic health record system. For many, the ARRA "meaningful use" incentives cover only a fraction of the EHR's true cost - which can range from $10,000 to $100,000 per eligible provider. Research shows the failure rates for EHR implementations approach 50%. Given the high costs and high failure rates for EHR system adoptions, the Guided Tour is an essential, trusted resource to help ensure good decision making.


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